I understand Fabio Jakobsen: only by racing again can you combat fear

Fabio Jakobsen comes out again. On Instagram he posted a photo of himself with his girlfriend, the cyclist Delore Stougje. They just got off during a training round, although this is a big word. See them standing there by their racing bikes, close to each other. His arm is wrapped around her shoulder. In the background a wide water. The clinkers under the feet shine. They are well packed against the cold. It’s not exactly the weather of all people, but they shine. The photo has the effect on me of a first day of spring. I am not the only one in this.

There is a text below the photo. The first sentence makes the spring sun shine even stronger: ‘Back on the bike together on our new Specialized Tarmac SL7’. It is, of course, in explicitly mentioning the brand and model name of the sponsored racing bike. In any other text from any other random cyclist I would not warm or cold. With boring, compulsory numbers I usually sigh: yes yes, it’s okay. This is different.

Precisely because Fabio, after months of malheur and operations, is even thinking about coming up with the Specialized Tarmac SL7, I get the certainty that it will be completely the same. The first cautious step outside the door has been taken.

‘It has been quite a journey so far’, Fabio continues. This is a euphemism, we have been able to follow it all. His team mate Florian Sénéchal who was with him first after the crash in Poland once described it. A horror story in which the word ‘grenade detonation’ appeared. Sénéchal is a hero. He held his head in such a way that Fabio would not drown in his blood. It was an intuitive act because he lacked medical knowledge.

Someone recently said to me that he didn’t understand why Fabio Jakobsen wants to get back into the peloton after such a traumatic experience. Isn’t fear always going to grab him by the throat? I understand, rather, I think I understand. You can only fight the fear by racing again. Jakobsen’s team doctor is not so sure that fear will play a role. Fabio knows little about the fall. The trauma as such has not been registered ‘. First, carefully get the machinery going, in the company of the girlfriend.

The text on Instagram also contains this sentence: ‘I am already looking forward to the next operation in January’. Fancy an operation, Fabio looks at the sun.

Now to relieve Dylan Groenewegen from his trauma. He will be helped the most with a sporty beating from Jakobsen.

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