Hundreds of calling and appending drivers avoid fine | NOW

Hundreds of calling and appending motorists who are registered with their phone in hand by a smart camera at Mijdrecht do not have to pay a fine. The fines mistakenly stated that the violation had been committed at Veenendaal. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) reports on Thursday that no new fines will be sent.

The Public Prosecution Service Central Processing Public Prosecution Service (Parket CVOM) says that the camera has photographed motorists for two weeks. They automatically forward photographed violations to the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB), which then sends the driver a fine of 240 euros.

The system has been applied since November 16. “We have only just started, so something can go wrong,” said the spokesman for the Public Prosecution Service. “We learn from this.” Officially, the Public Prosecution Service may correct the error by sending new fines with a correct city name, but the Public Prosecution Service found that “not so neat” in this initial phase.

The calling and appending motorists do not have to pay the fine, but the Public Prosecution Service warns that the violations have been committed. The Public Prosecution Service also has little understanding for motorists who test the system by driving by, for example, with a wallet instead of a telephone. “Then of course you are not dealing with traffic.”

The Netherlands is the first country in Europe to use smart cameras. According to the OM, the cameras work day and night and in all weather conditions. Moreover, they are easy to move. The system can therefore be deployed elsewhere every day.


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