Hotels are not allowed to serve alcohol to guests after 8 PM | NOW

Hotels are no longer allowed to serve alcohol in their bars and restaurants from 8 p.m. The drink may then no longer be delivered via room service. This tightening of the corona measures will take effect immediately, a spokesperson reported on Friday on behalf of the cabinet.

The cabinet is thus in line with the ban on the sale of alcoholic drinks in shops between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. The only place outside the home for which an exception was made were hotels.

Furthermore, hotels, like funeral homes and company canteens, are allowed to continue to serve food and drinks, while the rest of the catering industry has been closed since last Thursday. Other food and beverage outlets may only remain open for takeout and delivery.

Hotels are allowed to keep their restaurant and bar open, because it is not possible for hotel guests to provide food or drinks in the room, the cabinet argues. The hotels were also allowed to serve alcohol to their guests after 8 p.m., but that is now coming to an end.

The reason is the confusion that arose in some cases. People also sometimes abused it, which led to nuisance, according to a spokesman for the national core team for crisis communication COVID-19. As a guest it is still possible to drink alcohol in the hotel room after 20:00. That will not be prohibited.


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