Hollands Hoop director comes with NPO drama about big pharma | Movies & Series

Director Dana Nechushtan, previously responsible for series like Dutch Hope (photo) and Dunya & Desie, will make a new drama series for NPO and BNNVARA. The eight part series is called Elixir and is about the pharmaceutical industry, also known as big pharma. Nechushtan told NPO Radio 1 on Friday.

Nechushtan is now casting for the series. The recordings should start soon. The series is about a woman who is put in charge of the international family business LXR Pharma. She soon encounters gross abuses. The screenplay was written by Maaik Krijgsman, who previously Fighter heart made.

Nechushtan got the idea for the series eight years ago when she was being treated for breast cancer. “I was in the hospital and saw things that really scared me,” she said in the program Never sleep again. “I’m not against drugs. But I do have very big questions about the industry and the entire healthcare system behind it.”

It is not yet known when the series will be finished. Nechushtan recently made the feature film Piece of My Heart, about the special friendship between two ballet dancers in the seventies. The film, with Roos Englebert and Jan Kooijman, among others, will be shown in Dutch cinemas from this week.


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