‘Hiddema does not want to become a list pusher for Forum for Democracy’ | NOW

Theo Hiddema does not want to be a pusher for the Forum for Democracy (FVD) list, he says on Tuesday at the NOS know. He thinks the rate is too populist. “Take me off the list,” said Hiddema.

Hiddema immediately canceled his parliamentary membership on 24 November.

This followed after unrest arose in the party about an article in Het Parool, which wrote about anti-Semitic statements made by members of the FVD youth party in chat groups.

At the end of December, Hiddema announced that he was still available as a list pusher. Now he comes back to that. Against the NOS Hiddema says that he is refraining from it because he thinks that the FVD campaign revolves around corona policy too much. “We did not become FVD people because of our knowledge of a pandemic.”

Several board members and Forum politicians have resigned since last month. They were dissatisfied with the way Thierry Baudet dealt with the anti-Semitic statements. In a digital referendum on the future of the party, most voters rallied behind Baudet.


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