Helmut Marko: ‘Max Verstappen lost three tenths per round’

Verstappen soon reported the problem over the on-board radio, which was somewhat resolved later in the race. The Dutchman eventually finished second behind Lewis Hamilton.

“Because of those problems, we lost three tenths per lap in the first sector,” Marko said in conversation with formel1.de. The Austrian adds that Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Pérez experienced the same problem. “Not only did they have less grip, but the rear wheels started to slip more and the tires got hot.”

According to Marko, Verstappen was unable to drive away from Hamilton, who quickly came in for his first pit stop and therefore ended up in the race for the Limburger later. “And we had another problem, because we had to reduce the engine power due to temperature issues. Yet Max still managed to come back. ”

Verstappen also overtook Hamilton in the absolute final phase, but did so outside the track and then had to return his position. Nevertheless, it is clear that Red Bull is there right from the start of the season. The second race will be in Imola on April 18th.

Marko: ,, With the current package, including a very competitive engine, I think we will be on an equal footing with Mercedes. We now know that you have to act flawlessly to beat them. Everything has to be right. ”

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