Heated conversation between F1 drivers and Pirelli in France

Mario Isola from tire supplier Pirelli and Nikolas Tombazes, the technical director of the FIA ​​motorsport federation, also joined the virtual meeting. The drivers are very dissatisfied with Pirelli’s tires after the blows of Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) and Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing) during the previous race in Baku.

To make a statement, the drivers refused to sit down with Pirelli on Thursday, the GPDA union said on behalf of all twenty drivers. A day later, Isola, among others, joined the drivers meeting, which is scheduled every race weekend after the second free practice session.

Isola reiterated once again that no team has done anything illegal including tire pressure. He also indicated to the drivers that the tires will be easier to monitor from next season, because then every car will have the same sensor. According to insiders, the conversation got heated from time to time. It is clear that many drivers (internally) are questioning Pirelli’s tires, which hopes to solve the problems by increasing the minimum tire pressure.

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