Have you forgotten the name of a song? Then Google knows what to do

An app like Shazam tells you the name of an artist or the title of the song you are listening to. But what do you do when you have a stubborn tune in your head and you can’t identify it? Anyone using an iOS device simply opens the new Google app. Then you tap the microphone, ask Google ‘what song this is’, and sing the tune that is in your head. With any luck, Google will immediately find the song’s artist, title, and even lyrics.

How it works exactly? Google has analyzed thousands of songs. Thanks to artificial intelligence and algorithms, the search engine is now also able to find possible similarities between sung melodies and songs. Although we must admit: the technique works better with one song than with the other.

The search engine comes with the new application because Google searches for forgotten music about 100 million times a month.

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