Halsema also does not want an exception for New Year’s Eve conference Youp van ‘t Hek | NOW

There is no exception to the size of the audience for Youp van ‘t Hek’s New Year’s Eve conference in the Royal Theater Carré. That said Mayor Femke Halsema of Amsterdam on Friday AT5. Earlier, Prime Minister Rutte also said he saw no benefit in it.

Halsema thinks the cabaret artist is “a good idea”, but wants to remain consistent. “It is bursting with theater companies, comedians, music companies in the city who all have the same desire,” said the mayor.

She continues: “Youp van ‘t Hek has the great advantage that he can also show his show on television and thus reach a large audience. He is ahead of a lot of other comedians, many other theater companies.”

Halsema fears that if she makes an exception for Van ‘t Hek, a large number of other institutions, comedians and theater companies will “rightly” come to her door. “And Youp van ‘t Hek will also understand that that is not possible”, she concludes.

Van ‘t Hek, BNNVARA and NPO want an exception to audience size

Together with BNNVARA, the NPO and Royal Theater Carré, Van ‘t Hek asked whether the Amsterdam-Amstelland Safety Region wanted to make an exception for him with regard to audience size. The 66-year-old comedian is afraid that his show will not work if there are only thirty people in the room.

“For a good television broadcast you need a little more than thirty people,” he said earlier. “In theaters people pay so much attention, the rules are observed so well. I don’t need a full Carré. But with 250 people there is a laugh, which is good for both parties – the cabaret performer and the people in the hall.”

BNNVARA has announced that it first wants to await the answer from the safety region itself. “That has not yet arrived and we will first wait and see”, a spokesperson said ANP.


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