Greek construction workers accidentally stumble upon an ancient statue of god Hermes | NOW

Greek construction workers unearthed an ancient statue of the head of the Greek god Hermes on Friday in Athens while working on a sewerage system. The marble head turned out to be less than 1.5 meters below the sidewalk of a busy street, the Greek Ministry of Culture reports Sunday.

According to the ministry, the statue has been well preserved. The works were in Aiolou Street in the center of the Greek capital.

The find dates from the end of the fourth or the beginning of the third century BC. At the time, the head or bust of the god Hermes stood on a column as a boundary marker at a crossroads. In Greek mythology, Hermes, son of supreme god Zeus, is the messenger of the gods and the patron of travelers and thieves.

The ministry did not provide further details about the value of the image found. The find has been moved to a store for antiques.

Athenian mayor Kostas Bakoyannis already posted a photo of the found statue on Facebook on Saturday. “Athens is unique”, Bakoyannis writes with the photo.


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