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Due to the bad news that usually dominates the front page of, the good news sometimes gets snowed under. That is why we regularly make an overview of the positive and cheerful news.

Class surprises teacher in video call

This teacher from the ROC Friese Poort in Drachten was about to start his Dutch lessons on Wednesday. However, his students had a surprise in store for their teacher Conrad Berghoef.

Retailers receive extra one-off compensation for lockdown

Retailers will receive a one-off compensation for lost revenues as a result of the lockdown for the next five weeks. It concerns the non-food businesses that are hit “disproportionately hard”, says Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Flower shops may continue to sell outside

Florists are allowed to keep selling items until Christmas. The shops themselves have to close, but the shopkeepers are allowed to set up and staff a stand. Covered sales are not permitted due to the risk of the corona virus spreading. Collection of products is only allowed on order.

EMA decides a week earlier on the authorization of the Pfizer vaccine

The European medicines agency EMA will decide on the conditional authorization of the corona vaccine that Pfizer has developed on Monday, December 21. It was already known that the assessment would take place at the end of this month, on December 29. That has now been brought forward by more than a week.

Sea foam provides beach fun in Australia

In Australia, this sea foam provides a lot of beach fun. A storm wind blew the sea foam up the coast of the city of Gold Coast, among others.


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