Good news: 2,000 helpers for GGD Haaglanden, Pfizer increases production | NOW

Due to the bad news that usually dominates the front page of, the good news sometimes gets snowed under. That is why we regularly make an overview of the positive and cheerful news.

Red Cross receives two thousand registrations for GGD Haaglanden

The Red Cross has received at least two thousand registrations from people who want to help the GGD Haaglanden with the vaccination program. These are people who can support the GGD in testing for the corona virus and vaccinating.

“There are several support functions that people can help with,” says the Red Cross. Vaccination involves people with a medical background or who are undergoing medical training. “There are also first aiders who observe the people for 15 minutes after the vaccination and provide first aid if necessary.”

Pfizer will deliver ‘significantly more’ vaccines next month

The Netherlands will only receive fewer corona vaccines from Pfizer / BioNTech this week due to adjustments to Pfizer’s Belgian factory.

As of February 15, Pfizer expects to deliver “significantly more” vaccine doses to the Netherlands and other EU countries than the company previously foreseen, a company spokesperson said. The manufacturer cannot yet state numbers. Last week it was announced that Pfizer and BioNTech are increasing their production in Europe.

Animals in Beekse Bergen Safari Park enjoy the last snow

The animals in Beekse Bergen Safari Park woke up in a white landscape on Sunday morning. Before the thaw started, a number of animals could enjoy the snow for a while. Among other things, the tigers, red pandas, wallabies, camels and kangaroos could be found in the white landscape.

Found a special black seal

An all-black seal pup was washed up on the beach near Noordwijk on Sunday. The black pup is actually a gray seal, but the animal suffers from melanism, an excess of pigment in the coat.

As far as is known, about ten seals with melanism have been cared for in the Netherlands since the 1970s. The Seal Center in Pieterburen has seen a slight increase in recent years and is therefore investigating whether there may be a family relationship between the animals.

The weakened seal is housed at seal sanctuary A Seal in Stellendam in South Holland. He is expected to be strengthened enough to be released in a few weeks.

Ancient mortuary temple discovered in Egyptian necropolis Sakkara

Archaeologists have made another great discovery in the Egyptian necropolis of Saqqara. For example, an ancient mortuary temple with more than fifty coffins has been discovered.

The wooden sarcophagi date from the New Kingdom, the period in Egyptian antiquity between around 1,500 and 1,000 BC. The chests were found in 52 burial shafts at depths of 10 to 12 meters, the ministry said.

So far 75,000 healthcare workers in the Netherlands have been vaccinated against COVID-19

Until last weekend, the GGD vaccinated more than 35,000 healthcare workers from nursing homes and institutions for people with intellectual disabilities against COVID-19. This brings the total number of vaccinated healthcare workers in the Netherlands to approximately 75,000.

The other 40,000 Dutch people who received their first protective injection work in acute care. They have been vaccinated in the hospitals where they work.


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