George Clooney films John Grisham’s baseball drama Forgiveness | NOW

George Clooney goes Calico Joe directing, the film adaptation of John Grisham’s book of the same name, reports Deadline Friday. In the Netherlands the novel is known under the title Forgiveness.

The book, which was released in 2012, is set around the US baseball league of 1973. The main character is 11-year-old Paul Tracey, son of a famous pitcher. During a match, the boy sees his father seriously injure a talented opponent. The question is whether the action was deliberate or an accident.

Clooney makes a movie Calico Joe together with his permanent production and writing partner Grant Heslov. Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan is also involved, through his company Gray Water Park Productions. That film company previously produced the Dylan biopic I’m Not There. It is unknown whether the singer’s music will be used in the film.

In addition to his acting, Clooney has also been active as a director since 2002. For example, in 2006 he received an Oscar nomination for his direction of Good Night, And Good Luck. His most recent film is the comic thriller Suburbicon. By the end of 2020 The Midnight Sky appear on Netflix, Clooney’s first science fiction film.


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