Gas clouds in the universe have become ten times as warm in 10 billion years | NOW

American astronomers have observed that gases in the universe are currently ten times as warm as they were 10 billion years ago. They describe the measurements in the trade journal Astrophysical Journal. Gas fields in space are now reaching temperatures of 2.2 million degrees Celsius.

The astronomers measured the temperature of gas clouds that hang close to the Earth and gases that are farther away. The latter gas fields were observed by means of the light they reflect and then reach Earth.

The further away a gas field is from Earth, the longer it takes for light from that field to reach Earth. As a result, observing distant gas clouds can be compared to ‘looking back in time’.

The astronomers conclude that ‘contemporary’ gases in the universe have temperatures of about 2.2 million degrees Celsius. This makes them ten times as warm as gases from 10 billion years ago.

Global warming is a result of compressing gas and dark matter

The universe is heating up as gravity pulls and compresses dark matter and gases in space, creating galaxies and groups of galaxies.

The dark matter and gases are contracted quite violently, shaking and heating the gases.

The authors of the study emphasize that these processes in space are independent of global warming.


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