Future Formula 1 driver Nikita Mazepin the leapfrog after disrespectful behavior

Mazepin shared a video on his own channel showing him touching a female passenger in the backseat from the passenger seat in a car in Bahrain. He also deleted the images a little later. Haas disapproves of his new driver’s behavior and says he has reprimanded him internally. The Russian himself, the son of a very rich father, has also gone through the dust.

It is not exactly the first time that Mazepin has been in the news in a negative way. In the run-up to the Formula 2 races in Bahrain, he could be seen partying in a nightclub in Dubai, despite the corona protocol for motorsport this year. Last weekend, he was penalized for his actions on the track after some very dangerous defensive maneuvers.

Screenshots are also circulating on social media of Mazepin making sexual proposals to some female followers on Instagram. In November, he also received a lot of criticism after ‘congratulating’ the corona virus on its one-year anniversary, referring to the first infection in Wuhan in 2019.

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