Full House actor Bob Saget still maintains good contact with TV daughters | NOW

Bob Saget still has good contact with the four actresses who are in Full House and its successor Fuller House his daughters played, he tells the podcast Inside of You. The 64-year-old actor still sees 34-year-old twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen regularly.

Saget (far right in the photo) last acted 25 years with the famous twins, who took turns playing the role of ‘his’ youngest daughter Michelle. “I love them very much,” said Saget. “When I am in New York or when they are here, we always see each other when we can.”

Also with Candace Cameron (44) and Jodie Sweetin (39), who, unlike the Olsen twins, did play in the reboot Fuller House, Saget still handles well. “I’ve been very close to Candace since the first episode. And Jodie used to stay overnight and was friends with my oldest daughter Aubrey.”

The actor has no answer to the question of who his favorite television daughter is. “Jodie feels like a real daughter the most, but actually I see them more as friends. They’ve all been there for me when I went through difficult times.”


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