French walkers find 100 years old war message sent by carrier pigeon | NOW

Two hikers in the French region of Alsace have made a very special discovery in a forest. They found a note that was sent by carrier pigeon more than a hundred years ago. It concerns a German-language message from a soldier with information about the military movements of the opponent.

The hikers found the capsule with the note in a forest near Ingersheim, a small community in the north of France.

During the First World War there was a lot of fighting in this area. Ingersheim belonged to Germany in that period and not to France.

The curator of the Musee Memorial Le Linge in the town of Orbey has established the authenticity of the note, reports The Guardian. The message appears to have been sent on July 16, 1916.

The curator speaks of a “very rare find”. The message states that a German regiment is under attack and has suffered many losses.

The note was discovered in September, but the find was not announced until last weekend. The paper testimony is displayed in the museum, which brings together more memories of the First World War.


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