Formula 1 scraps the Turkish Grand Prix, two races in Austria

The race in Istanbul was to be held on June 13 and only recently came on the calendar, after it was again not possible to travel to Canada due to the corona pandemic. However, the Grand Prix in Turkey also turned out not to be feasible, after the country has been on the ‘red list’ in England since this week due to the number of corona infections. That would mean that anyone returning there from Turkey would have to be quarantined for ten days in a government-designated hotel. Seven out of ten Formula 1 teams are based in England alone.

The management of the premier class looked at several options, but for example changing the races in Baku (June 6) and Istanbul proved unfeasible.

A different solution has now been chosen, with three European races in a row. The French Grand Prix at Paul Ricard will be held on June 20, a week earlier than initially planned. This is followed by two consecutive games at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria. Last season there was also already kicked off with two races.

Formula 1 calendar until the summer break:

  • GP Monaco 23 May
  • GP Azerbaijan June 6
  • GP France June 20
  • GP Austria June 27
  • GP Austria II July 4
  • GP Great Britain July 18
  • GP Hungary August 1

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