Former F1 driver Norberto Fontana finds stolen helmet back after 23 years

The Argentine raced four races for Sauber in 1997, replacing regular driver Gianni Morbidelli. He didn’t leave an indelible impression in his stint as an F1 driver, but the story of how he got a helmet back last weekend after it was stolen from his home 23 years ago is remarkable to say the least.

While Fontana was in England negotiating for a seat with Tyrell, the helmet in question was stolen from his home in Argentina. It was a helmet he had worn in 1996 during testing sessions at Mugello and Estoril when he was linked as a test driver with Sauber.

Pure coincidence

Nearly 24 years later, in a suburb of Buenos Aires, Christian Bodrato, a friend of Fontana’s, saw a woman sitting next to a motorcycle with a helmet on her lap, wearing Fontana’s design. Bodrato took a photo and sent it to Fontana, who immediately saw that it was his helmet.

Bodrato spoke to the woman and was able to buy the helmet from the woman, who said that she had nothing to do with the theft, and could thus return it to its rightful owner. The helmet was in pretty good condition, only the radio equipment was missing.

Decorate seat

“I knew one day I could find that helmet because when people see those colors, they know they’re mine,” Fontana said on his Instagram account.

Fontana’s F1 career did not last longer than four races for Sauber. He tried to secure another seat with Tyrell and Minardi, but to no avail. He raced in Formula 3000, Formula Nippon and briefly in the CART series before returning to Argentina.

Fontana, now 64, is still working as a driver, in touring car racing in his home country.

Source: The newspapaer

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