Flushing town hall pelted with fireworks, entrance badly damaged | NOW

The town hall of Vlissingen was bombarded with fireworks on Monday evening. The entrance has been badly damaged, Mayor Bas van den Tillaar reports on Twitter. Images on social media show, among other things, an explosion at the entrance of the town hall.

“Intense images of the town hall square”, the mayor wrote on Twitter. “Pure destructiveness, reprehensible!” Van den Tillaar calls on anyone who has seen something to report it to the police.

Regional media reported that it was restless in and around Stadhuisplein, where dozens of young people gathered around 8 p.m. Bee Zeeland broadcaster the police say that it was quiet again around 9.30 p.m. and that those images are from earlier in the evening.

According to the broadcaster, on Monday afternoon the call went round in various app groups and on social media to start riots in Vlissingen. People were called on to protest against the corona measures. Young people were called to gather at the City Hall at 8 p.m.


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