First text message ever sent can bring in two tons at auction

That first text message was sent in 1992 to Richard David, a then director of the British company Vodafone, and it is now being auctioned as a non-fungible (unique) token. This is a unique code with which the ownership of digital objects can be guaranteed thanks to blockchain technology. It is expected by French experts that this token can fetch somewhere around 200,000 euros.

Programmer Neil Papworth, then 22, made history as the writer and sender of the first text message, on December 3, 1992. He wished the recipient a merry Christmas. Recipient Richard David was surprised by the report during a Christmas party. He received the message on an Orbitel 901, one of the first cell phones. Since then, Papworth has regularly appeared in TV shows around the world when another lustrum has to be celebrated. Incidentally, the inventor of this technology, the Finnish engineer Matti Makkonen, passed away in 2015.

Vodafone has indicated that it will donate all profits from the auction to charity. The money will be transferred to the United Nations Refugee Aid.

Incidentally, special digital objects have been sold more often lately. Last week the first Wikipedia page was auctioned and it raised 664,000 euros. The first tweet from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey was also auctioned for 2.4 million euros.

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