First return day in Rotterdam yields only 79 kilos of fireworks | NOW

During the first return day for fireworks in Rotterdam, only 79 kilos of fireworks were handed in, a spokesman for the municipality reported in conversation with on Wednesday. Rotterdam was the first of the major cities to start a return campaign on Tuesday.

The spokesman calls the proceeds a “cautious start”. “But due to the growing attention for the campaign, we expect hundreds of kilos to be handed in in the coming days.”

According to the municipality, various types of fireworks have been handed in so far. The fireworks submitted varies from distress signals for boats to illegal fireworks such as cobras.

Owing to the introduction of the national prohibition, the possession of heavy fireworks (category F3 and higher) is illegal. People can hand in up to 25 kilos of fireworks in various municipalities, without being fined or having a criminal record.

Utrecht, Amsterdam and The Hague also collect fireworks

On Wednesday, Utrecht starts with a return campaign and Amsterdam a day later. Fireworks can be returned in The Hague from Monday.

All types of fireworks can be delivered, including heavy fireworks that were already illegal before the fireworks ban. It is not allowed to take the fireworks on public transport.

At the beginning of November, it became clear that a one-off national fireworks ban will apply this year. Small fireworks that can be sold all year round, such as stars, poppies and pull ropes, are not included.

The ban should relieve healthcare and the police. Many hospitals are overburdened by the admission of corona patients. Last year, about 1,300 people ended up in hospital and at GP stations due to fireworks injuries.


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