First nursing home residents and people with disabilities vaccinated Monday | NOW

After the vaccination of the first group of care workers, the vaccination of the first nursing home residents and people with intellectual disabilities who live in institutions will start on Monday. This week, about 15,000 people are expected to receive their first vaccine against COVID-19.

Initially, it concerns just over ten institutions, said outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) last week. “We depend on the delivery for speed.” Larger numbers will follow in the weeks that follow. Elderly people living at home will be next from mid-February.

Nursing home residents are also given the vaccine from Pfizer / BioNTech. This is the first vaccine approved for use in the European Union. The vaccination of this group can start earlier than expected, because the Netherlands has placed an extra order for these vaccines.

The Pfizer vaccine must be stored below -70 degrees Celsius. This poses challenges in dissemination. Nevertheless, the first group of residents of institutions is administered this vaccine. Large institutions set up their own injection locations for this.

Vulnerable elderly people, according to the initial plans, would be at the forefront of the vaccination campaign. The Health Council has urged this in several advisory reports. However, the cabinet decided to adjust the strategy and start with employees of nursing homes and employees in acute care who treat corona patients on a daily basis.

Starting next Monday, the recently approved corona vaccine from Moderna will also be used. Elderly and people with disabilities who live in smaller institutions receive this vaccine. General practitioners will administer the vaccines.


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