First attack by golden jackal on sheep in the Netherlands established | NOW

For the first time, an attack by a golden jackal on sheep has been detected in the Netherlands. DNA research shows that the animal bite a few sheep to death in the Ooijpolder near Nijmegen in October, researchers from the Wolvenmeldpunt and the Zoogdiervereniging report Friday. The Province of Gelderland will compensate the damage.

It has only happened three times before that a golden jackal has visited our country. The last time was last year in Drenthe. In 2016 and 2017, the species was captured on camera in the Veluwe. The golden jackal near Nijmegen was previously seen just across the border in Germany.

According to the researchers, it is rare for a golden jackal to attack sheep in Europe. The dead sheep in the Ooijpolder were old lambs and “the slowest animal in the herd”, according to the sheep farmer.

Wolves do often attack sheep in the Netherlands. Last year, the species was responsible for the death of 119 sheep. Up to and including September, the counter stood at 66 attacks this year. As with wolf attacks, the province of Gelderland compensates the damage. The province believes that sheep farmers should not be the victims of the attacks.

The golden jackal is a protected species in Europe. The animal is a relatively new species for the Netherlands. This means that it has not yet been included in the Nature Conservation Act. There is also no national claim settlement.

The golden jackal is a medium-sized dog-like animal and is related to the wolf. The golden jackal is about half the size of the wolf and considerably lighter. The golden jackal is slightly stronger than a fox, but physically less able to kill a healthy adult sheep than the wolf.


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