Financial statements of FVD again do not meet requirements: fine threatens | NOW

The annual accounts of Forum for Democracy (FVD) do not meet the quality requirements for the third year in a row. The Committee on the Supervision of the Finance of Political Parties (Ctfpp) speaks of a “serious matter” and advises Minister Kajsa Ollongren (Internal Affairs) to impose an administrative fine of 25,000 euros on the party.

Among other things, the Ctfpp is about the fact that FVD reported incorrect membership numbers at the beginning of 2019. Due to the dismal reporting, it cannot be determined “whether the subsidy that was paid to the party in 2019 has been correctly determined”, according to the committee.

Ollongren does report the case to the Dutch Professional Organization for Accountants (NBA) and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), but does not want to impose a fine yet. If this approach does not lead to improvement, the Minister will take it “into serious consideration”.

The party emphasizes in a response that the then treasurer Henk Otten has now left the party. The senator was expelled from the party in the summer of 2019 on suspicion of fraud based on an internal investigation into party administration in 2018.

“In the meantime, a financial cleanup has been made”, the party reports. According to the party, the number of members was determined by an independent accountant at the beginning of this year.

Nine other political parties also fail to meet the legal requirements for financial accountability. Ollongren last year urged the parties to improve accountability, but “unfortunately” this has not resulted in the political parties having everything in order.

According to her, this is partly due to the limitations in corona time. She will again explicitly point out the obligations to the parties.


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