Film studio demanded a white actor in Coming to America |, according to Eddie Murphy NOW

Then Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall met in the late 1980s Coming to America they were told by the film studio that there should be at least one white actor in the film. That’s what the actors on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show tell.

Murphy and Hall insist that they have nothing against Louie Anderson, the actor they chose for that white role. “I love Louie, but we were forced to put him in the movie,” Hall says of the 1988 film.

Murphy adds, “The studio said, ‘There must be a white person in the movie.’ So then I thought, who’s the funniest white guy we know? We knew Louie was cool and so he got into the movie. “

Despite the forced collaboration, the makers of Coming to America a band with Anderson on. He can therefore be seen in the sequel Coming 2 America, which will be released on Amazon Prime streaming service on Friday.

For a long time, film bosses in the entertainment world were hesitant about productions with (almost) exclusively non-white protagonists. Magazine makers also claimed that a magazine with a black person on the cover would sell less well.

In 2016 Black Panther the first major action film with almost only black actors in the lead. At the time of its release, many videos of children who could finally identify with a superhero thanks to the black hero were published on social media.


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