FIA releases details about investigation into Formula 1 season denouement

The day after the last race of the year it became clear that the FIA ​​would start an extensive analysis, because there was a lot of uncertainty about the chosen procedure. Mercedes was and still is furious about the turn of events. Verstappen overtook Lewis Hamilton on the final lap of the season after the safety car came in.

Mercedes was furious about that, because normally the safety car should not have come in until a lap later. So the race was over. However, the rules also state that the race director (Michael Masi) has the authority to make a different decision. So Masi did, because it was safe to race again and logically he didn’t want the season to end behind the safety car.

Mercedes did not file an official protest, which made Verstappen’s world title a fact. Team boss Toto Wolff did indicate that he expects the FIA ​​to come up with clear measures. Until then, Mercedes is silent in all keys. The same applies to Hamilton, who has not been heard from again. The seven-time world champion and Wolff also failed to show up at the FIA ​​gala in Paris.

On January 19, the so-called Sporting Advisory Committee will discuss the use of the safety car during a meeting. Then there will also be discussions with the Formula 1 drivers.

The outcome of the analysis will be presented to the Formula 1 committee in February and then officially presented on March 18 at the World Motor Sport Council in Bahrain. On that day, the first free practice sessions towards the first Grand Prix will take place in the same Bahrain.

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