FIA looks at Lewis Hamilton’s political message

Hamilton’s shirt (35) had the text: ‘Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor’. On the back a sermon: ‘Say her name’ with a picture of Taylor. The Mercedes driver is referring to a 26-year-old American woman, who was shot dead by the police in March.

“I wanted to wear this and make people aware of the fact that people are being killed on the street and this time even in their own homes. While they were in the wrong house. The men who did that are still running freely, ”said Hamilton after his victory over Mugello. “We cannot rest. We must continue to raise awareness in others. ”

This season, Formula 1 draws attention to the fight against racism before every race. All drivers wear an ‘end racism’ shirt, except Hamilton, who always wore a ‘black lives matters’ shirt until the last race. Partly due to the British’s active role in the social debate, Mercedes is driving black cars this year. Since the six-time world champion now had a message to the US police, this could be taken as a political statement and the FIA ​​could possibly fine him.

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