Ferrari will ‘eliminate weaknesses’ at the Russian Grand Prix

Expectations for a victory in 2021 are still low in Italy, but the racing stable will use the Russian Grand Prix next weekend to experiment a bit. “We will renew some parts in the aerodynamics of the car. We do not think this will lead to a change, but we do want to eliminate the weaknesses in our car, especially with a view to 2021, ”said sports director Laurent Mekies.

Ferrari figures in the premier class this season. Drivers Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel have not yet come close to a Grand Prix victory. Characteristic for the waning team was the eighth and tenth place in the anniversary race earlier this month at Mugello’s own circuit.

“We shouldn’t expect too much from it either, because we don’t usually perform very well at the track in Sochi,” said Mekies. “The first half of the season was very difficult, as the results show. But it is not in our nature to give up and that is how we approach the race in Sochi. We are coming up with updates, but they are part of a plan that spans the coming races and in which we want to lay the foundation for next season’s car. ”

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