‘FBI warned the day before storming for’ war ‘at Capitol’ | NOW

An FBI office in the US state of Virginia warned the day before the storming of the Capitol for extremists who planned to use a lot of violence on January 6. This is evident from internal documents submitted by The Washington Post are seen.

This document is diametrically opposed to an earlier statement by Steven D’Antuono, FBI’s Washington office chief. He stated last Friday that his agency had no indication that the demonstration would be more than a pro-Trump rally.

In the document owned by The Washington Post however, a completely different picture is painted. For example, it is written about individuals who share maps of the tunnels under the Capitol and agree on central places to gather.

In addition, people in an online discussion would have been called on to “be ready to fight,” the newspaper said. “Congress needs to hear glass breaking and doors kicked in. (…) Get violent. Don’t call this a march, protest, or rally. Go for war. We’ll get our president or we’ll die. Nothing else. [dan geweld] will achieve this goal. “

According to the US newspaper, this is the strongest evidence that the security forces failed to respond adequately to the hundreds of assailants on the Capitol. According to an insider within the US government, there were indeed indications of disturbances, but insufficient action was taken.

D’Antuono, who previously stated that he had no indications of the disturbances, confirmed on Tuesday The Washington Post that he had indeed seen the document and shared it with the local police and federal agencies. But according to him, the authorities could do little with it at the time, because it was not clear who had written the messages. “It was a conversation on a forum that couldn’t be traced back to one individual,” said D’Antuono.

Chief of Capitol Police did not receive information

US Capitol Police chief Steven Sund, who left Monday, said on Tuesday that he was not aware of this information. “We couldn’t take this into account.” Sund said earlier that he had asked for help from the National Guard several times during the storm.

Senators and deputies were forced to flee Wednesday after Trump supporters broke into the parliament building. Five people were killed, including a Capitol Police officer.

The FBI reported on Tuesday that 160 new files have been opened against participants in the storm. Seventy people have since been charged. The service has received more than 100,000 videos, photos and tips so far.


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