Fast-growing Coolblue postpones IPO two weeks after announcement: ‘A disgrace’

A new parcel machine in the warehouse of internet store Coolblue. Coolblue is currently struggling to find sufficient staff.Image ANP

The issue of new shares in Amsterdam should have generated a total of around 150 million euros. Existing shareholders of the Dutch Coolblue would also sell part of their holdings. The company, which is mainly known as an online retailer of consumer electronics, wanted to put this money into further growth. The company did not announce when Coolblue now plans to go public.

The fact that Coolblue is already canceling its IPO two weeks after the announcement is due to ‘uncertainty in the financial markets’, says CEO and co-founder Pieter Zwart in a video on Twitter. This would turn investors off, ‘particularly when it comes to new IPOs in e-commerce’.