Extra penalty without consequences for Max Verstappen after moment with Lewis Hamilton

Verstappen will face a time penalty of ten seconds, plus two penalty points on his license. The sanction has no further consequences for the final ranking and therefore also not for the World Cup standings.

Verstappen was ordered to return his lead after a duel with Hamilton the lap before, for which he was later given a five-second time penalty. The Red Bull driver slowed down considerably in turn 26 and also wondered afterwards why Hamilton kept driving behind him and did not overtake him.

According to the stewards, it was clear that both drivers did not want to be the first to cross the detection point of the DRS system, with the danger that the number two would immediately take the lead again. Because Hamilton did not yet know that Verstappen would return his position, he was surprised by his competitor’s ‘sudden braking’ by the race management. Verstappen was therefore designated as the main culprit.

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