Ex-employee Mercedes: ‘Lewis Hamilton is a super spy’

Inspecting the competition’s equipment in that short moment after qualifying or the race is a common sight. Michael Schumacher used to keep looking at the other cars and with the current generation of drivers we see especially Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton inspecting the equipment of the competition.

Sometimes you wonder if it’s not for show but according to Philipp Brandle, a former Mercedes team member who worked on Hamilton’s car until 2019, the seven-time world champion has a great eye for detail.

“Hamilton is a super spy,” said Brandle at Motorsport-Total.com. “He watches everything very carefully. For example, there was a moment in the little room, where they had a drink before going on the podium, where he noticed that another rider had fewer cables hanging from his overalls. It was about the fact that weight can be saved, because every detail counts in Formula 1. ”

“He gave us feedback that the other team used a shorter wire harness and a smaller plug. Everything where you can save a gram in Formula 1. He sees such details and that is then put into practice. ”

The share of the riders in those things is often underestimated because the engineers have no way to go for a while in the paddock.

Former F1 driver Nico Hulkenberg, now working as an analyst at ServusTV, also agrees with Brandle.

“You collect information,” said the German. “You look at how something is handled in another car and you pass that on to your team and of course you hope that they can do something with it to make the car faster.”

Source: The newspapaer

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