Every day almost five hundred travelers from the UK to the Netherlands | NOW

Every day, an average of 460 travelers come to the Netherlands from various airports in the United Kingdom (UK). A spokesperson for Schiphol says this to NU.nl on Thursday when asked, based on the figures of the past week.

Last week, a total of almost three thousand travelers traveled daily via Schiphol to and from the United Kingdom. Most of them travel via Schiphol and therefore come from another country or continue to another country.

In the House of Representatives, there are voices to tackle flights from the UK. The cabinet is currently not in favor of a flight ban.

Last week, an average of thirty flights took place from Schiphol to airports in the UK and about the same number in the other direction. An average of 460 passengers arrived from the UK every day with Amsterdam as their final destination.

About two thousand switchers at Schiphol to and from the UK

An average of three hundred travelers flew from Schiphol to airports on the other side of the Channel. “About two thousand travelers have a transfer at Schiphol to or from the United Kingdom,” said the spokesman.

Last year, in the same period, this involved nearly 25,000 passengers traveling between Schiphol and the UK. KLM operates by far the most flights between Schiphol and the UK.

In December, when the British variant of the corona virus first emerged, a flight ban was introduced. That was true until January 1.


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