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The European Union may approve two corona vaccines in the second half of December. These are the vaccines from Pfizer and from Moderna, says European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Thursday.

“If everything goes without problems,” the European Medicines Agency (EMA) may conditionally authorize the two promising vaccines “as early as the second half of December,” said von der Leyen after consulting with the heads of government and states of the member states.

Initially, only very small amounts of the vaccine will be available, she warns. “The large numbers will come later.” According to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the favorable developments offer “perspective” and are “welcomed” everywhere. He praised the “added value of joint purchasing of vaccines”.

Concerns about vaccine Hungary

Hungary has already received a first batch of a Russian vaccine, but the committee has reservations about this. That drug has not been approved by EMA, so it is not clear how it was made and tested. “Vaccination is a matter of safety and trust” and that will only be possible if EMA has considered it, warns von der Leyen.

She announced that she was preparing a vaccination campaign “to support Member States in communicating to the population about the importance of vaccines. It is for self-protection and solidarity,” said the German who graduated and worked as a doctor. The number of people who are skeptical about vaccinations would increase in the EU.

The 27 also spoke about testing policy. Rutte said that the Netherlands is positive about the intention to recognize mutual tests. “That is important for the economy. We say now, not travel. But at some point it may be different.”

Two promising vaccines

Vaccine developers Pfizer and Moderna have released the first promising data on the efficacy of their corona vaccines. Pfizer, which is developing a corona vaccine with BioNTech, announced last week that its vaccine appears to be more than 90 percent effective. The American Moderna reported on Monday that its own vaccine is also very effective (94 percent).

Pfizer and Moderna are in the final research phase of development. In this part of the study, it should become clear whether the corona vaccines really protect people against COVID-19. More than 43,500 people participate in Pfizer’s study. At Moderna there are 30,000 participants.

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