‘Energetic’ panda cub in Ouwehand Zoo is a man | NOW

Fan Xing, the panda cub in Ouwehand Zoo, is a male. The zoo announced on Wednesday that the sex has recently been determined.

The sex of the nearly six-month-old panda was not yet known as he and his mother Wu Wen were left alone.

Fan Xing, a name that refers to the world-famous painting The Starry Night van Vincent van Gogh, until recently stayed with his mother in the maternity den. Fan Xing is now also exploring the adjoining enclosures and chewing bamboo, reports the Ouwehands Zoo.

Recently the panda got a health check. “The young is energetic, powerful and has good motor skills”, says José Kok of the Zoology department. Gender was also determined during this health check.

The young was born after the mating of Wu Wen and Xing Ya, giant pandas borrowed by the Netherlands from China. The panda parents are allowed to stay in the Netherlands until 2032, but any young belong to China.

Fan Xing can stay in the Netherlands for a maximum of four years. Then he will go to China, where he will contribute to an international breeding program to conserve the species.

Fan Xing is expected to be seen by the public in mid-November.


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