Dozens of them join the silent tour for the knocked-down Wijchenaar | NOW

Dozens of people walked a silent march on Saturday evening in memory of the 42-year-old Wijchenaar who was killed in his residential area on Tuesday evening. Hundreds of Wijchenaars stood along the route of the silent march, reports Gelderland broadcaster.

The silent march was led by two people holding a banner with a ladybug on it, the symbol of senseless violence. Behind them walked dozens of participants, wearing masks and keeping a distance of 1.5 meters as much as possible. Mayor Marijke van Beek and aldermen were also present.

The silent march was broadcast live on Broadcaster Gelderland and it was seen that hundreds of people had gathered along the route. The tour took us through De Ververt residential area, where the victim lived, and past the spot of the collision, where many flowers and candles have since been left behind.

On Tuesday evening, the victim was hit with fatal results. Witnesses told Gelderland broadcaster that a 42-year-old local resident, who was walking his dog at the time, had addressed the driver about his dangerous driving behavior. Subsequently, the suspect would have deliberately run over the victim twice.

The eighteen-year-old motorist, who was driving a white van, fled after the collision. After a chase, the police arrested him later in the evening in nearby Beuningen.

The investigation into the cause of the collision in the Gelderland municipality is still in full swing. It is known, however, that the suspect was working as a package deliverer at the time of the collision.

According to the police, the collision made a big impression in the De Ververt neighborhood. Witnesses can count on victim support.


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