Dozens of flights from the UK canceled | NOW

Airlines KLM, easyJet and British Airways have already canceled dozens of flights on Sunday due to the flight ban for travelers from the United Kingdom. The two flights from Ryanair to Eindhoven that were still on the calendar this year have also been canceled.

KLM has 17 passenger flights from the United Kingdom, British Airways (BA) nine and easyJet a further four flights. Similar numbers of cancellations are posted on the various sites for Monday and Tuesday.

KLM and Schiphol, through spokespersons, cannot say how many passengers will be affected, nor can they make any statements about the impact of the travel ban. That will be monitored in the coming days.

The flights under KLM and BA that are still in the arrival schedule are flights without passengers. For example, KLM flies with passengers to the United Kingdom, and then returns with cargo to Schiphol.

EuroStar to and from London is still running

The travel ban that the cabinet has imposed is due to a mutation of the corona virus. This more contagious mutation was recently discovered in the United Kingdom and was also found in the Netherlands at the beginning of December, the Ministry of Health wrote on Saturday evening.

The ban on flights with UK passengers took effect on December 20 at 06:00 and will be in effect until January 1 at the latest. The Belgian government decided on Sunday to follow the Dutch example with an entry ban. According to Belga news agency, the travel ban applies from midnight for a period of initially 24 hours.

The EuroStar to and from London is still running and was fully booked on Sunday. It is still unclear whether the train was already fully booked or whether it happened early on Sunday morning. According to NS International, it is not yet able to paint a picture of the possible increase in the number of train bookings to and from the British capital.


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