Donald Trump will no longer receive special treatment from Twitter and Facebook

This writes The New York Times. On Tuesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had to answer to the US Senate about their policies during the US presidential election this year. They also had to respond to the question of how they will deal with Trump’s messages on the platforms in the future.

Despite the fact that Trump regularly makes statements that would be removed from other users, they currently remain visible. According to Facebook and Twitter, this has to do with Trump’s position as the US president, which they say is above their own policies.


When a user is suddenly no longer a world leader, the special policy expires

Jack Dorsey, Twitter

Yet they already intervened during the presidential election by placing disclaimers on incorrect reports from Trump. For example, Twitter commented ‘this tweet contains untruths’ when it claimed to have won the presidential election. They also hid the message to make it harder to find.

So Trump’s freedom will soon end. “When a user is suddenly no longer a world leader, that policy expires,” said Twitter’s Dorsey about the exceptions that apply to Trump until January 20.

Facebook will be less harsh on him than Twitter. Zuckerberg does say that Trump’s messages will be checked for inaccuracies from that date. This is not happening at the moment because he is a world leader.

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