Dominating Lewis Hamilton wins in Portugal, Max Verstappen second

After the start, little changed initially and the first cars kept running neatly in formation. A safety car after Kimi Räikkönen’s failure changed that. Lewis Hamilton seemed to be sleeping on the restart and so Max Verstappen passed him to second place behind Valtteri Bottas. However, the speed of the Mercedes duo was much higher and so he lost that second place to Hamilton after a few laps.

A few laps later, the Brit also caught up with his Finnish teammate. Because of that overtaking maneuver, Verstappen immediately came back within the second of Bottas. However, he was unable to get close enough to launch an attack. Meanwhile, Hamilton only drove further away.

Bad pit stop Bottas

A lesser pit stop from Bottas ensured that Verstappen suddenly came very close to him. Bottas also made a few small mistakes and within half a lap the Dutchman started his attack and passed it.

Hamilton had already built up a considerable lead during this time and also regularly improved the fastest lap time. He rode to victory without too much trouble. For a moment it seemed that in the battle for second place Bottas came back tenth for tenth to Verstappen, but in the end there was never an attack and the Red Bull driver slowly drove to second place.

At the very last moment, Verstappen seemed to take the fastest lap. However, it was taken from him due to track limits. As a result, the extra point went to Bottas and Hamilton has an eight point lead over Verstappen.

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