Director Woody Allen denies plans to stop making films | Movies & Series

Woody Allen has no plans to stop making movies. A spokesperson for the 86-year-old director announced this to American media on Monday after rumors about this had been circulating.

The misunderstanding arose after an interview with the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, in which Allen said he wanted to retire after his fiftieth film. “He never said he wants to stop,” his spokesman said. “But he prefers not to make films that go straight to a streaming platform. He is a big fan of the cinema experience.”

In June, the American filmmaker said during an interview with Alec Baldwin that he planned to direct “one or two more” films. “When I used to make movies, they went to movie houses all over the country. Now you make a movie that shows in a movie house for a few weeks, maybe six or four, before it goes to a streaming service or pay channel. It’s not the same . I like it much less,” he said at the time.

The diminished enjoyment of his craft may also have to do with Allen’s less support in Hollywood since he’s been accused of sexual abuse. His daughter Dylan says she was abused by him when she was a child. The director denies that.

Allen has won four Oscars in his career. He also won several BAFTA Awards and Golden Globe Awards.


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