Different timetable for Formula 1 drivers during the first weekend in Jeddah

Next weekend in Jeddah, racing will take place on a street circuit of more than six kilometers long and with no less than 27 corners, the vast majority of which at full throttle. The average speed is expected to exceed 250 kilometers per hour. This would make the Hermann Tilke designed track along the coast the fastest track on the Formula 1 calendar after Monza.

“Jeddah is probably the most unknown place we’ll be going this year, as the track has only just been prepared,” said Mario Isola, chief of tire supplier Pirelli. “We can only rely on the simulations of Formula 1 and the teams.”

In Saudi Arabia it is two hours later than in the Netherlands. The penultimate race of the season will start on Sunday at 8.30 pm local time (6.30 pm in the Netherlands). Max Verstappen can theoretically become world champion in Jeddah. His lead over Lewis Hamilton is currently eight points. If there are 26 or more after the race on Sunday, the Limburger can no longer be traced in Abu Dhabi.

The timetable (Dutch time):


  • First training: 2.30 pm
  • Second training: 6 p.m.


  • Third training: 3 p.m.
  • Qualification: 6 p.m.


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