Despite the ban, plenty of fireworks were set off, no major incidents occurred | NOW

The Duindorp district in The Hague is blasting into the new year with decorative fireworks
The Duindorp district in The Hague has also started the new year with a lot of bangs. It was very busy on the street just before midnight on Thursday evening. The police are present in the background. Just after 00.15 it was quiet again.

Security guard Michael, who is also Duindorper himself, supervises the entrance of the neighborhood and calls this New Year’s Eve “very quiet and relaxed”. According to him, the atmosphere has been pleasant all day and Duindorp can be proud of how it went this year. “Everyone here in the village looks after each other, you don’t need the government for that, and the police are also very pleased with how things are going today.”

Earlier in the evening, despite the corona worries, there was a big party on the Tesselseplein in the Hague district. Music was played and danced, images on social media showed. In addition, the 1.5 meters was not observed and people stood close together. There were also hugs to be seen. According to spokespersons, it was not a party, but a “pre-announced demonstration”.

The Duindorpers demonstrated for the preservation of bonfires. After a massive shower of sparks during the turn of the year 2018 to 2019, the fires were not allowed to continue last year. This year they would initially be allowed to again, but they were still canceled due to corona.


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