Democrats file charges seeking to impeach Trump | NOW

The Democrats in the House of Representatives on Monday launched impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump for storming the Capitol. They have filed a complaint accusing him of inciting an uprising.

In brief

  • Democrats are suing for impeachment on Trump.
  • They accuse him of instigating an uprising.
  • Indictment follows calls to Mike Pence in motion to take away Trump’s powers via 25th Amendment.
  • Republicans are not yet going along with the motion.
  • Insiders report that Pence himself does not want to make use of this 25th amendment.

The House is expected to vote on the so-called on Wednesday article of impeachment. If a simple majority agrees with the charge, which is expected, it does not mean that Trump will also be impeached. The Senate must also agree to this, with a two-thirds majority.

It is not yet clear when the trial will start in the Senate. There are fears within the Democratic Party leadership that an impeachment lawsuit against Trump would preoccupy the Senate to the point of opposing new Democratic President Joe Biden.

For example, the appointment of ministers to Biden’s cabinet, requiring Senate approval, could be delayed. In addition, it can be painful for a freshly appointed head of state if his predecessor dominates the news.

Representative Jim Clyburn suggested that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should wait a few months before sending charges to the Senate. “Let’s give President Biden the 100 days he needs to get his government program going,” he said.

Republican Party sees nothing (yet) in impeachment

The Republican Party is divided over Trump’s actions surrounding the storming of the Capitol. But even Republicans who condemn that see little in his impeachment. The process would only exacerbate the country’s major political contradictions, they say.

As said, a two-thirds majority in the Senate is needed for a final conviction of Trump. Seventeen Republican senators should therefore join the Democrats. If the president is impeached, a simple majority can then prohibit him from ever taking up political office again.

The majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives voted – even after the storming – against the usually purely ceremonial confirmation of Biden’s gains in major swing states. In the Senate, a small minority of Republicans followed suit.

Democrats are not yet getting it through an easier way

Democrats presented the indictment after Republicans declined Monday in a motion calling on Vice President Mike Pence and the cabinet to sideline Trump over the 25th amendment. They give him 24 hours to do this.

The 25th amendment states that the vice president and a majority of the cabinet can declare that a president is no longer able to do his job, with his deputy temporarily replacing him.

It was expected in advance that the Democrats would not succeed in getting the motion passed unanimously. The leadership of the Democratic Party wants to submit the motion again to the House on Tuesday, this time for a regular vote. Given the Democratic majority, there is a good chance that it will be adopted.

However, White House insiders tell American media that Pence has no intention of making use of the 25th Amendment. The motion will therefore have no effect in practice. Hence, the Democrats have already turned to impeachment proceedings.


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