Demanded for life against a man who opened fire in the Thalys in 2015 | NOW

A French prosecutor on Tuesday demanded a life sentence against the man who opened fire in the Thalys between Amsterdam and Paris in 2015. His three accomplices have been sentenced to prison terms ranging from eight to thirty years.

Gunman Ayoub El Khazzani stepped out of a toilet in the high-speed train heavily armed on August 21, 2015. American passenger Mark Moogalian intervened and grabbed his AK-47, after which El Khazzani began firing a pistol. He wounded the American, but was subsequently disarmed by three other Americans.

El Khazzani, 31, had enough ammunition to kill 300 people. The shooter did not deny that he intended to commit an attack, but insisted that he changed his mind at the last minute. It would have been too late by then to avoid a confrontation with passengers.

The trial of the shooter and his three alleged accomplices began in mid-November. Moogalian and his wife, among others, were present at the hearing.


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