Danny Trejo (76) writes book about criminal past and Hollywood career | NOW

Actor Danny Trejo (76) will release an autobiography later this year, several American media report. He wrote the book entitled Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption and Hollywood, along with his best friend, actor Donal Logue.

The actor got into the criminal path in his early years and became addicted to drugs. This led to several long prison sentences. During his last years in jail, Trejo focused on boxing and kicked it off.

After his release he went to work as a youth worker. One of the young people he took care of worked as a crew member on a film, which landed Trejo on set for the first time and got a job as an extra. That led to bigger jobs, including the title role in the Machetemovies. He also stars in many of director Robert Rodriguez’s other films.

In a press statement, the actor says that he wants to show with the book how a bad start can still lead to a good ending. “These memoirs are an opportunity for me to be honest about my terribly cruel experiences in the world’s harshest prisons, the family secrets that are ruining our lives, my personal low point when the death penalty threatened me, the role God played in my turnaround, the acting career that started when I was 40 when I got into a set to help another addict, and how it all shaped me into who I am. ”


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