Customs warns: Despite deal more hassle at the border, also for travelers | NOW

In any case, Dutch customs will be busier after 1 January, despite the European Union and the United Kingdom having signed a deal. Dutch exporters and travelers must also take this into account, a spokesman warns Thursday.

“The most important fact for us is that there will be a Brexit after 1 January and that we will then receive customs formalities that were not there before. Companies must therefore prepare for things that were not necessary before,” said the spokesman.

An example is that trucking companies must register their cargo in advance in a digital system of the port of Rotterdam before they can cross the ferry.

No more tax-free shopping in London

It also takes some getting used to for travelers landing at Schiphol from the United Kingdom. For example, they are no longer allowed to just bring certain perishable products into the country, such as cheeses.

Anyone who has done a lot of shopping during a trip to London will also have to deal with taxes when they return to new acquisitions of more than 430 euros. “You really have to deal with a boundary, it is different than before.”

In the past two years, Customs has hired about 900 new employees to do all the extra work. Customs previously announced that they expected delays in the port of Rotterdam in the first four to six weeks as a result of Brexit.

Switchers do not have a second passport control

Schiphol has announced that one of the main concerns for the airport was resolved several years ago. Even after Brexit, travelers from the United Kingdom do not have to pass the check again for their connecting flight when transferring at the Dutch airport.


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