Cinema association: ‘Opening in the summer too late in all respects’ | NOW

A reopening of the cinemas in the summer will be too late. This is what the director of the Dutch Association of Cinema Operators (NVBF) says on a statement by outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Rutte said on Wednesday evening after the elections that theaters and cinemas could be reopened “by the summer”. “That is in all respects too late for the sector”, says director Gulian Nolthenius of the NVBF.

“The cinemas have now been closed for more than three months. We have been able to receive 80 percent fewer visitors in the past year due to corona. The financial buffers of some theaters are now seriously running out. It is unthinkable that we will have to wait until the summer.”

The cinemas are expecting to hear a date in April at the next press conference on March 23 to reopen the doors. “We are very happy with the financial support we are receiving. But it is not enough for many operators: the fixed costs of most entrepreneurs continue every week, every month.”

Nolthenius reiterates that the cinemas have their corona protocol in order and that no contamination has been detected in the cinemas in the past year. They also insist that they can sell food and drink when they reopen. “That is an important source of income for the cinemas. It feels very strange when the audience is allowed to walk to the Albert Heijn before the film to buy sweets while we have to keep our buffets closed. A snack and drink are an important part of the total film experience. . “


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