Church of Scientology to consider allegations against Danny Masterson | NOW

Los Angeles court has ordered the Church of Scientology to address allegations of stalking and harassment against actor Danny Masterson, reports Variety.

The four women who accuse 44-year-old Masterson of rape say the church stalked and intimidated them in order to silence them.

The women themselves were members of the organization. When they joined Scientology, they had to sign a document regulating that all disputes related to Scientology will be handled by the church itself, rather than the judge. The rape case will be handled by the judge.

Masterson, best known for his role on the series That ’70s Show, is accused of raping three women between 2001 and 2003. Masterson has denied all charges. The actor must appear in court again in January. If eventually convicted, the actor faces up to 45 years in prison.


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