CDA member Van Toorenburg retires after fourteen years as a Member of Parliament after elections | NOW

Madeleine van Toorenburg of the CDA will stop after the upcoming elections in March as a Member of Parliament, she says on Friday in conversation with the AD. Van Toorenburg says it is “time to make way for new talent”.

The CDA member was in parliament for fourteen years. “At that time I saw that people did not get their turn, while they would have been a good Member of Parliament,” said Van Toorenburg. Potential CDA members should be able to make it to Parliament if they put their shoulders to the wheel, she reasons.

In conversation with the newspaper, Van Toorenburg looks back on the party leading the party between Minister Hugo de Jonge (Health, Welfare and Sport) and Pieter Omtzigt. Van Toorenburg initially voted for Mona Keijzer and did not vote later.

Van Toorenburg thinks that Hugo de Jonge narrowly beat Omtzigt in the end. “We actually have a kind of duo-leader, one real and a number two.” The party leader can be tough for De Jonge, given that he is active as a corona minister, she continues.

Van Toorenburg has no concrete plans for the future. The vice-chairman of the CDA faction has doubts between a possible job in the Senate or going to court.


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